Centamin was built on the exploration success of our Egyptian founders with the Sukari discovery in the 1990s. The subsequent development of the Sukari Gold Mine is a story of tenacity in the modernisation of an ancient gold mining jurisdiction, which remains one of the few underexplored gold belts – the Arabian Nubian Shield.

Today, Sukari is Egypt’s first large-scale modern mine; served by smooth tarmac roads, off-grid power, soon to be solar and a 25km water pipeline fed by the Red Sea. The landscape and climate can be unforgiving in Egypt’s mineral rich Eastern Desert. Sukari is a hive of activity, a hub of employment and opportunity for upper and lower Egypt, with a workforce of 3,795 people, of which 95% are Egyptian. Egypt is an excellent operating jurisdiction, boasting a stable political environment, good security and a great infrastructure network from port to road access.

In 2022, Sukari will produce its five millionth ounce of gold since it began production 13 years ago. This is a milestone and journey that we are exceptionally proud of, but our focus is on the future - developing a thriving Egyptian gold industry for the benefit of the people and the country.

Sukari has at least 12 years of production ahead and 9.8 million ounces in gold resources and, more broadly, across Egypt Centamin have 3,000km2 of new exploration licenses.

The opportunities we aspire to create for people through responsible mining are endless. Thank you to all that have contributed to make this possible.


415,370 PRODUCTION (oz)
1.18 FEED GRADE (g/t)


Sukari is a low cost, bulk tonnage open pit and a high-grade underground operation, with significant exploration upside at depth and regionally, within the 160km2 tenement.

Our operating strategy at Sukari remains to focus on responsibly producing profitable ounces – value over volume – through stringent cost controls, disciplined capital allocation and improving operating efficiencies.

Further optimisation studies are currently underway, identifying productivity and cost-saving opportunities across the operation.

Latest Sukari technical report


OPERATING SUMMARY 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Open Pit                
Waste kt  97,831 64,118 64,018 54,746 54,780 51,289 49,020
Ore mined kt 12,391 15,656 14,372 23,131 16,090 10,949 8,746
Ore mined kt 739 625 1,087 1,243 1,145 1,019 1,158
Ore processed kt 11,916 11,913 12,859 12,568 12,032 11,559 10,575
Feed grade g/t Au 1.18 1.35 1.28 1.26 1.57 1.65 1.40
Gold recovery % 88.6 87.8 88.1 88.7 88.1 89.4 88.8
Gold production oz 415,370 452,320 480,528 472,418 544,658 551,036 439,072
Cash costs US$'000 produced 359,868 325,188 333,037 289,394 301,706 282,681 313,058
AISC US$'000 sold 502,366 485,478 439,317 420,116 426,466 379,361 387,250
Unit Cash Costs US$/oz produced 866 719 699 624 554 513 713
Unit AISC US$/oz sold 1,234 1,036 943 884 790 694 885

Exploration at Sukari is currently focussed on continuing to expand the high-grade underground reserve and resource, thereby supporting both the longevity and expansion potential of this low-cost centre of production.

Over the coming years, continued decline and ore drive development within the Amun and Ptah will allow the underground drilling programme to progressively expand into the lateral and depth extents of the orebody.


The current development, as well as areas mined to date, are indicated on the below long-section of the Sukari deposit, showing the distribution of the current drill defined gold resources.


Looking north, below is a schematic cross-section of the gold mineralised structures. 


Exploration within the Sukari Mining Concession (“SMC”)

Outside of 2.7km strike Sukari orebody, there are numerous identified regional prospects within the 160km2 exploitation license. Ongoing surface exploration work aims to explore these potential satellite deposits and identify further targets to incrementally grow the resource ounces and add low capital mill feed for the  Sukari processing facility.  

The exploration strategy is to systematically explore and drill-test the numerous targets across the SMC. The exploration programme will progressively focus on these prospects over the near to medium-term.

In 2021, exploration work identified six key prospect areas within the SMC which will be followed up with systematic drill testing.

Egypt Greenfield Exploration

In 2021, following an international bidding process launched by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources and the Egyptian Mineral Resource Authority ("EMRA"), Centamin was awarded three new exploration blocks, incorporating 19 licences and covering over 3,000km2 of highly prospective greenfield ground within the Eastern Desert of the Egyptian Arabian Nubian Shield:

  • Nugrus Block (1,086km2) - the licenses surrounding the Sukari Mining Concession targeting potential satellite deposits and low capex mill feed to the Sukari processing plant.
  • Najd Block (1,374km2) - located 100km northwest of Sukari in the Central Eastern Desert, exploring for a potential standalone operation.
  • Um Rus Block (524km2) - located 40km north of Sukari, exploring for a potential standalone operation.

The Arabian Nubian Shield is one of the last remaining ‘frontier’ areas for gold and base metal exploration and Egypt’s Eastern Desert has remained largely unexplored in the modern era.

Field work is expected to commence on these blocks in early 2022.

At Sukari, the Egyptian Mineral Resource Authority (“EMRA”), a division of the Egyptian government, is the Company’s partner, and is entitled to 50% of the operating profits from Sukari Gold Mine, as per the terms of the Concession Agreement. A representative from EMRA is present on site at all times.


open pit: 0.3g/t cut-off; underground 0.5g/t cut-off

  2021   2020
Category Tonnage (Mt) Grade (g/t) Gold Content (Moz)   Tonnage (Mt) Grade (g/t) Gold Content (Moz)
Measured 220 1.06 7.45   223 1.04 7.45
Indicated 70 1.05 2.36   65 0.88 1.85
Sukari Measured +Indicated 290 1.05 9.81   288 1.00 9.31
Inferred 14 1.4 0.6   14 1.9 0.9


Open pit and stockpiles 0.4g/t cut-off, underground 0.4g/t cut-off for development with stopes defined within a 2.2g/t cut-off

  2021   2020
Category Tonnage (Mt) Grade (g/t) Gold Content (Moz)   Tonnage (Mt) Grade (g/t) Gold Content (Moz)
Open pit              
Proven 100.4 1.2 3.9   96.6 1.2 3.7
Probable 20.8 1.0 0.6   20.6 1.0 0.7
P & P 121.1 1.2 4.6   117.2 1.2 4.4
Proven 2.1 3.3 0.2   1.1 3.5 0.1
Probable 5.7 3.6 0.7   3.2 2.9 0.3
P & P 7.8 3.6 0.9   4.3 3.0 0.4
Proven 17.4 0.5 0.3   15.8 0.5 0.2
Probable - - -   - - -
P & P 17.4 0.5 0.3   15.8 0.5 0.2
Sukari Proven + Probable Reserve 146.4 1.2 5.8   137.2 1.1 5.0