We believe that to effectively drive a positive safety culture and achieve our vision of zero harm to our workers, there needs to be a stringent approach to risk management and a strong commitment from our leadership group.

We expect, without exception, our leadership group across all levels of the organisation to:

  • advocate our Company’s values
  • lead by example
  • prioritise safety and health above production
  • visibly promote safety and health, and
  • be accountable for compliance within their areas of responsibilities.

We recognise that to effectively manage risk that all workers are equipped with the knowledge to identify and mitigate risks and as such, training and workforce communication represents an integral component of our risk mitigation programme.

A consolidated work plan to reinforce sustainability performance at all levels of the organisation has been developed, cascaded to the
asset-level plans. The framework is aligned to the World Gold Council RGMPs, covering elements of governance, social responsibility,
and human rights; environmental responsibility; health, safety and labour rights. The plan is informed by other industry standards
namely ICMM, ICMC, IFC PS, GP Business and Human Rights, ISO. The principal standards relevant to the Company are listed in
our Sustainability Report.

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