Our Company purpose is to create opportunities for people through responsible mining. We recognise that our accomplishments as a company are made possible through the commitment of our people.

Centamin’s approach to human resource management is to attract, develop, and retain a highly skilled workforce equipped to run a world-class operation and support the Company’s strategic objectives.

Our vision is to create and sustain an honest, transparent, safe and positive workplace for all

Centamin is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender or religion, and the Company’s Code of Conduct prohibits discrimination of any kind.


Centamin’s Code of Conduct affirms our commitment to uphold high moral and ethical principles and specifies the basic norms of behaviour for employees and others conducting business on our behalf. This is supplemented by the following policies that outline the Company’s commitment to basic rights and freedoms, and sets out how we contract, support, develop and engage with employees to ensure a respectful and sustainable working environment:

  • Diversity
  • Human rights
  • Anti-corruption and bribery

Guided by these principles and commitments, each operation and exploration project has developed localised policies, procedures and plans that are best suited to each of the national settings.

Centamin’s principles and commitments to people are aligned with industry good practice, relevant International Labour Organisation Conventions and human rights frameworks. We provide equal opportunity employment, free from discrimination or harassment.

"Our workplace culture stems from an entrepreneurial beginning, exploring, building and operating the first modern mine in Egypt. Our workforce has grown and adapted along our journey, with many of the national workforce occupying senior roles within the organisation. The pride of Sukari runs deep within the organisation."