At Centamin, the strength of our business is dependent on the health and welfare of our workforce, the wellbeing of its local communities and host countries and the health of the environment in which it operates. That is why from exploration to closure Centamin aims to entrench sustainability and principles of good corporate citizenship into the Company’s values, culture and all operations.


Sustainability includes the processes through which Company’s objectives are set and pursued in the context of the social, regulatory and market environments and through which the interests of all stakeholders are aligned.

The Board mandated Sustainability Committee is at the centre of the sustainability governance framework, but, together with the senior management, all Board-level committees are responsible, whether it be through:

  • Remuneration linked to sustainability
  • Assessment, monitoring and management of sustainability risk
  • Ensuring the board and executive have the required sustainability leadership skills and experience
  • Embraces human rights due diligence processes to identify, prevent and mitigate negative effects

Our de-centralised hub approach to our operations means the site senior management teams need to take a hands on the role in monitoring and scrutinising sustainability throughout the Group.

This framework is supported and guided by the Company’s culture, standards, policies and protocols.

Read more about Committee structures, mandates and policies

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Linking sustainability to performance pay

Centamin sets key performance indicators (“KPI”) each year and assesses performance against these benchmarks on a regular basis.

To reflect the strength of Centamin’s commitment to sustainability, sustainability performance and KPIs form a part of the CEO’s and Executive Management’s annual bonus and long-term incentive schemes. For example, a portion of the CEO’s annual bonus is dependent on the Group achieving zero major environmental incidents and zero fatalities each year.  Onsite workers also receive a bonus for the successful achievement of health and safety targets.

For more on sustainability linked KPIs, please refer to our 2020 Sustainability Report.


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