We strive to integrate sustainability into our business model and across all levels of the organisation, from the boardroom to operational practices, and throughout the mine life cycle, from opportunity identification to closure. Everyone who works for or on behalf of Centamin is held to high standards that are expected to be consistently met.


Our Sustainability Performance Framework provides a systematic approach to how the Company operates with respect to these key areas and recognises the need to adopt and apply standards and processes that transcend the mine lifecycle and issues arising from our presence in diverse socio-economic and biophysical settings.

This framework is underpinned by a suite of policies that articulate clear business principles and commitments. Our policies align with our values and international good practice, in particular the Responsible Gold Mining Principles (“RGMPs”) of the World Gold Council.
The Group policies, including The Code of Conduct, are made available to all workers at asset-level through workplace inductions, notice boards and terms of contract.


Effective corporate and sustainability governance begins with a strong board of directors. The Board mandated Sustainability Committee oversees the development and implementation of the Company’s sustainability goals, policies and standards on matters of workplace health and safety; environmental, social governance and risk, climate change, human rights and workforce engagement. The committee serves as Board advisory on matters including good industry practice, sustainability performance, compliance and licence to operate risk.​

Read more about Committee structures, mandates and policies


Centamin sets key performance indicators (“KPI”) each year and assesses performance against these benchmarks on a regular basis.

To reflect the strength of Centamin’s commitment to sustainability, sustainability performance and KPIs form a part of the CEO’s and Executive Management’s annual bonus and long-term incentive schemes. For example, a portion of the CEO’s annual bonus is dependent on the Group achieving zero major environmental incidents and zero fatalities each year. Onsite workers also receive a bonus for the successful achievement of health and safety targets.

For more on sustainability linked KPIs, please refer to our 2021 Sustainability Report.

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