Safety is our priority


Maintaining an active health and safety culture is critical to achieving an injury-free, stress-free and healthy work environment. Our safety culture entails strong, visible safety leadership and robust processes, controls and training, empowering our workforce to be their own safety leaders.

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Risk management is the foundation to how we manage health and safety, from hazard awareness and identification, and routine review and assessment of mitigating measures to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable. 

Centamin’s Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy is guided by the principle of shared responsibility, and a belief that all employees, individually, are responsible for the creation of a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues. Everyone is a safety leader with the objective to collectively create an environment where all employees are empowered to make changes.

We believe that to effectively drive a positive safety culture and achieve our vision of zero harm to our workers, there needs to be a strong commitment from our leadership group. We expect, without exception, our leadership group across all levels of the organisation to advocate our Company’s values; lead by example; prioritise safety and health above production; visibly promote safety and health; and be accountable for compliance within their areas of responsibilities.

Health & Wellbeing

We strive to create good social and living conditions for our employees. This is expected to have the dual benefit of improving worker health and mental wellbeing, and also productivity and motivation.

To better address health issues, we pursue a preventative approach in promoting a healthy lifestyle and this is done by raising our employees’ awareness of their own physical and mental health status with the expectation that this will inspire employees to make key positive lifestyle changes. A healthy workforce results in reduced absenteeism and fosters a happy and motivated workforce functioning as part of a complete team.

Health-related campaigns are regularly communicated and discussed through pre-shift meetings to promote awareness, management, and preventative measures. The range of topics covered are identified based on prevalent medical conditions, and include common non-communicable diseases, communicable diseases, mental wellbeing, personal hygiene and the effect that seasonal environmental changes may have on the body.

Centamin recognises the risks associated with employee fatigue and our responsibility in providing the necessary resources through policies, awareness, empowerment and tools to mitigate the risks and maintain productivity.

An established Fatigue Management Plan is in place that outlines the responsibilities of all personnel relevant to their positions and the actions to be followed to mitigate the risk of fatigue. The contents of the plan are communicated to all employees through the HSE induction as well as regular internal media.

Emergency Response Framework

In accordance with Centamin's Emergency Report Framework, Sukari has an onsite emergency response team in place and an onsite fire engine and ambulance. Across the mine at least one member of the each department is trained in fire-fighting, first-aid and emergency rescue to provide first response cover and assistance until the emergency response team arrives.