Safety is our priority

Our vision is that every person goes home safe and healthy from each shift

We have a health and safety culture that aims for zero-harm. Through established critical risk and control standards, safety comes first. Visible safety leadership and collective awareness are crucial to reinforce a positive safety culture and are ongoing. Each Centamin employee and contractor make formal commitments to adhere to the Company’s safety processes and procedures as set out in Centamin’s Health and Safety policy together with the Environment policy. The policies are guided by the principle of shared responsibility, and a belief that all employees, individually, are responsible for the creation of a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues.  Everyone is a safety leader with the objective to collectively create an environment where all employees are empowered to make changes. Effective leadership requires teamwork and honesty.  

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Our safety culture stems from our fundamental commitment to ensuring our workforce return home safely after every shift. Centamin has believed from the beginning that safety is all-encompassing, requiring the same conscious awareness in every aspect of daily life. Instilling a safety culture at home, work and in everyday interactions has been the ethos of our training and development programmes.

All contractors operating on site are required to adhere to the safety management system, whether working for extended periods of time or on short assignments. We provide and share information with our contractors in support of our compliance and safety procedures. Contractors are provided with a standard health and safety induction upon arrival at all our sites and are given full access to the on-site health services.

Visible safety leadership reinforces our commitment to creating a safe workplace. Regular engagement, safety reviews and training helps to ensure that all policies and procedures are complied with and remain relevant.  

Health & Wellbeing

We strive to create good social and living conditions for our employees. This not only impacts our work environment, but supports our people’s health and well-being, and improves productivity and employee motivation.

Health-related campaigns and topics pertaining to employee’s health are regularly communicated and discussed through pre-shift meetings. The range of topics covered is mainly identified from clinic visits and the local prevalent medical conditions and are aimed at ensuring that there is a good awareness of how to manage and prevent these conditions.

Accommodation areas are structured to ensure that employees’ welfare needs are addressed and that there is suitable rest between shifts by providing climate-controlled sleeping arrangements and implementing noise and time curfews in these areas so that they are conducive to uninterrupted sleep.

Fatigue Management

Centamin recognises the risk associated with employee fatigue and our responsibility in providing the necessary resources through policies, awareness, empowerment and tools to mitigate the risks and in doing so ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees as well as the added opportunities presented in improving productivity and cost reduction. 

An established Fatigue Management Plan is in place that outlines the responsibilities of all personnel relevant to their positions and the actions to be followed to mitigate the risk of fatigue. The contents of the plan are communicated to all employees through the HSE induction as well as regular internal media.

Emergency Response Framework

In accordance with Centamin's Emergency Report Framework, Sukari has an onsite emergency response team in place and an onsite fire engine and ambulance. Across the mine at least one member of the each department is trained in fire-fighting, first-aid and emergency rescue to provide first response cover and assistance until the emergency response team arrives. 


Within Centamin’s emergency response framework, the Company maintains numerous emergency response scenarios to minimise response time and maximise effective action in the event of an emergency.

In 2020, the world has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic (“COVID-19”), presenting an unprecedented medical, economic and social challenge. Centamin has been proactive in how it manages and mitigates the impacts within its control, putting in place contingency plans to deal with various possible disruptions.


Centamin took early action in response to COVID-19 to safeguard our workforce, local communities and combat the spread of the virus in line with our Severe Communicable Disease Outbreak Management Plan and in accordance with the advice of governments and public health authorities.

To date the Company’s protocols have been successful in managing the process without any material impact on operations or production, by isolating suspected personnel, monitoring their conditions, tracking and tracing their contacts.


A COVID-19 Executive Committee was structured, receiving clear daily workforce, contractor, supply chain updates The committee meets three times a week and provides weekly updates to the Board. The committee continues to provide oversight during the pandemic, supported by multifunctional teams and a framework led by Risk and Operations.


Whilst the global impact and potential duration of the COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain, the Board and management has carried out scenario risk analysis across the Group and have a dynamic action plan at a corporate and site level supported by resources focusing on our response day-to-day.

Safely managing the mobility of our workforce, in line with government and public health advice, has been paramount in mitigating the risk of spreading the virus.


As the world adapts for the likely co-existence with COVID-19 for a prolonged period of time, in May 2020, Centamin moved from Phase 1 (“Prevent and Maintain”) to Phase 2 (“Protect and Transition”) of the Sukari COVID-19 emergency response plan. Phase 2 involved implementing a workforce pre-screening programme, supported by a ‘test, track, trace and isolate’ approach, with mandatory testing of employees and contractors at and before entering site. 

As the pandemic progresses we will continue to monitor the global situation - closely within our host countries Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Jersey and the United Kingdom - adapting our policies, procedures and controls to minimise the impacts that are within our control.

Further information on our response to COVID-19, please refer to our latest news and reports.

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