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Our Employees

Our people are our most valuable resource.  We are committed to attracting, energising, developing and retaining a highly skilled and experienced workforce.

We value individuals with outstanding technical, professional and managerial skills, working in a positive environment and demonstrating willingness to lead, take responsibility and display initiative. We aim to foster a relationship of trust and open dialogue between employees and management.

Contractor management
All contractors operating onsite are required to adhere to the safety management system, whether working for extended periods of time or on short assignments.
We provide and share information with our contractors in support of our compliance and safety procedures. Contractors are provided with a standard health and safety induction upon arrival at all our sites and are given full access to the on-site health services.



Sukari has c.1,340 direct employees and c.520 contractors.
96% of employees are Egyptian.
An additional 4,000 are employed indirectly in support industries
There has been circa 130% growth in the Sukari work force since 2009 

Modern mining requires a highly skilled work force and Egypt does not have a developed mining industry so, therefore, technical skills must be developed on-site.

Centamin provides employees with the highest level of training in the latest technologies and international standards of best practice.  Through co-ordination with the Egyptian Universities we are also able to enhance the level of education in mining related fields.

Burkina Faso

Human Resources

Burkina Faso has c. 100 direct employees, 95% of whom are from the region.

The current staff is composed of geologist (18 employees in total), field technicians, surveyors (30 employees) and administration staff and other support staff (47 employees).  9% of our Burkina workforce are women who work in Ouagadougou as well as at the camp in Batie. 


Côte d’Ivoire

Human Resources

Côte d’Ivoire has c. 44 direct employees, 93% of whom are from the region.

24% of our Ivorian workforce are women and they work primarily in the office at Abidjan as well as the camps in Doropo and Danoa.

The Company’s activities provide direct and indirect employment, training and work experience for many Ivorian employees. Our workforce has witnessed considerable growth since we increased exploration work in end 2014, both in terms of the number of employees and the range of skills and expertise of our workforce.