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Community and Society

Community and Society

Centamin is committed to working with the highest level of respect for our employees and the communities and environments in which we operate, while pursuing value for our shareholders.

At all our operational sites we have established projects and initiatives to support the local communities. Such activities respond to needs assessments, which are developed and updated in coordination with local government. Approaches range from direct interaction with the community, through to cooperation with local NGOs, community support associations and governmental authorities. We have supported numerous projects which enhance health, education and livelihood conditions.



Sukari - Community Engagement and Support
We understand the value of maintaining dialogue and building relations with the local community in the areas in which we operate. At Sukari, a public consultation system has been in place since the project design phase and we maintain open channels of communication with all our stakeholders for information disclosure and the raising of any concerns.

Community projects
The Sukari Concession Agreement provides for 30 years of mining operations with a potential extension for a further 30 years. With such a long tenure, supported by a large reserve base, we take a long-term view in matters relating to the local community. We have supported projects with a variety of focuses, including:
Addressing infrastructure needs
Income generation initiatives
Involvement in social activities
Enhancing education 
Social welfare activities

Marsa Alam power station
An initiative to support power needs in Marsa Alam
The Sukari Gold Mine provided the city with two generators, with a total capacity of 3.2MW.
These generators are linked to the main power supply in Marsa and provide supplementary power at peak times during the day and night.
Population of Marsa Alam: c. 10k
Cost of power station: US$1.1m 
Capacity: 3.2MW

Engineers from Sukari have trained the local power plant operators to carry out routine maintenance on the generators.  Sukari continues to monitor the rates of supply and demand, ensuring that the plant remains fit for purpose.

Marsa Alam Playground

Centamin is proud to add a playground to its list of community initiatives to further help the local Marsa Alam community.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso – Community Projects

Our community development team has undertaken visits and discussions with the Batie medical centre, to identify current and future needs for enhancement of health services.

As a result, the following have been carried out:
provision of antivenins for snake attacks;
construction of a water tank and related connections to provide running water in the centre;
implementing solar energy installations to provide lighting to critical areas in the centre;
provision of advanced haematology equipment and kits; and
provision of cleaning kits and contracting professional cleaning services to ensure high levels of hygiene.

Image:  Water bore built by Centamin in Batie

Stakeholder engagement is undertaken through individual and group meetings to discuss concerns. 

These include:
Access to exploration land;
Identification of sacred sites that must not be disturbed
Compensation for removing trees or disturbing land
Conflict management

Community development initiatives have targeted education, health services, social involvement, and livelihood.

Enhancing education
Internships at the mechanical department at the Batie West camp; and
Internships for geology students in the exploration department.

Enhancing health services
Supporting the Batie medical centre through providing antivenins, running water, power access, analysis equipment, and financing hygiene services; and
Repair of water bore for the Wadaradoo maternity clinic.

Image: School building built by Centamin near Napelepera 

Côte d’Ivoire

Community Projects
The Company has completed various community projects over the past year in Côte d’Ivoire, including:

Enhancing education:
Provision of school benches
Construction of latrines for the high school of Doropo village
Construction of class rooms
Internship for students at the Abidjan Office department; and 
Internship for geology students in the exploration department

Building of garbage dump site for the village of Danoa

Enhancing health services:
Provision of medical assistance to health centres around our operations by the doctor of Medicis, the company contractor.