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Sukari Egypt


Exploration at Sukari is currently focussed on continuing to expand the high-grade underground reserve and resource, thereby supporting both the longevity and expansion potential of this low-cost centre of production.

Over the coming years, continued development of the Ptah and Amun declines will allow the underground drilling programme to progressively expand into the lateral and depth extents of the orebody.

The current and future planned development, as well as areas mined to date are indicated on the below long-section of the Sukari Hill deposit. The section also shows the target areas for ongoing resource drilling (yellow) as well as select intersections from underground drilling carried out over the last 12 months.

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Regional prospects

Regional Exploration

Outside of Sukari Hill there are numerous regional prospects within the 160km2 exploitation lease.

Whilst limited exploration has been undertaken in these areas, there are multiple indications of both higher-grade (structurally-controlled) and lower-grade (porphyry) mineralisation. These prospects offer the potential for resource expansion and low-cost satellite mining operations within a truckable distance from the main Sukari processing facility.

Centamin’s exploration programme at Sukari will progressively focus on these regional prospects over the medium-term.

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Areas mined to date