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Burkina Faso

Exploration programme

The exploration programme in Burkina Faso includes geological mapping and geochemical surveys in order to outline prospects for further work. During 2015 a regional geophysical interpretation was completed, with follow-up Induced Polarisation (IP) ground surveys defining numerous anomalies for follow-up drill testing.

The drilling fleet in 2015 comprises 5 multipurpose reverse circulation/diamond (RC/DD) rigs, 2 aircore (AC) rigs and 3 auger rigs.

During 2015 there were 118,758m of RC, 8,510m of diamond, 86,514m of Aircore and 52,380m of Auger drilled.

A number of regional exploration targets with potential have been identified utilising the developed structural model for high-grade mineralisation in the region.

Based on positive results received during 2015, two prospect areas – Wadaradoo and Napelapera – were prioritised for further work.

Exploration at Wadaradoo has to date focused on several zones, including Wadaradoo Main and Wadaradoo East. At Wadaradoo Main high-grade south-plunging shoots have been identified on both the main 020° trending structure and 320° trending splay structures. At Wadaradoo East, higher-grade lenses are observed within a broad halo of low-grade mineralisation. Increasing data has helped to improve our understanding of the geological controls and higher-grade mineralisation can now be traced for 400m along strike, remaining open in all directions.

Several good targets with favourable structural and lithological settings have been identified at Wadaradoo, particularly in the north and south of the prospect area.

Targets continue to be identified through combining the structural model with alteration patterns, geochemical results and interpretation of the IP and magnetic surveys.

At Napelapera, broad and consistent mineralised zones have been identified over 4km which remain open along strike. Higher grades are observed to the south where the granodiorite has been brecciated, silicified and crosscut by quartz veining.

Essential components of our health and safety management systems are being integrated into our operations at Batie West. This process includes an orientation and induction for employees and contractors to ensure adherence to our strict policies and procedures. The Batie West camp site has a well-equipped clinic which includes a full-time paramedic.