Cookie Policy

Here is a complete guide to the cookies used on our website, with details of the name of the cookie and a description of how it is used.

Where there is further information on 3rd party cookie usage, we have provided a link to more information.

Cookie Type Description of Cookie and its purpose
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to help provide data about the way our users use our website to improve your experience.  Google Analytics cookies record visitors, city locations, browser type and site journey.  They do not record personal information.

For a full description of Google's use of cookies, please visit:

Session This is a session cookie that is generated automatically by our site when you visit  The session cookie contains a single session ID to tie a visitor to their journey on the website.

We do not use these session cookies to capture any personal information about our visitors.  The session cookie only lasts for the duration of the visitor accessing the website and expire when the web browser is closed.