Training & Development

Training & Development

The development and training of our team at the Sukari Gold Mine and in our offices around the world is an ongoing programme.

It involves a variety of theoretical, hands-on and on-the-job courses and takes place both in the workplace and abroad.

Developing Our Team Onsite

At Sukari, the training and development programme aims to enhance our employees' skills and knowledge, as well as to introduce effective tools and procedures for operating a large scale gold mine. The courses are run both in-house and by external companies, to ensure our employees benefit from the best industry expertise.

Within each department, the Heads of Department can set different training modules for their employees, whereas other departments, such as Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), teach training modules to all employees to ensure we achieve the highest standards.

Creating Opportunities

Besides the onsite training programme, Centamin provides the opportunity for employees to spend time at other relevant mines around the world to share ideas and experience how other large scale operations are managed. Employees have also attended educational courses in other countries, such as the UK and Tanzania, in disciplines ranging from accountancy to geology.

Senior and middle management are also given the chance to attend mining conferences and exhibits in several countries including South Africa, Australia, Canada, the USA and Dubai. This allows them to keep up to date with the latest innovations in the mining industry as well as spreading the Centamin story through presentations and one-on-one meetings.